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WestJet Magazine contributors guidelines

About Us

WestJet Magazine, WestJet’s inflight publication, is a Canadian travel-lifestyle magazine designed to reach WestJet passengers each month. Dedicated to inspiring travel and enriching trip experiences, WestJet Magazine features well-crafted, informative stories about WestJet destinations in Canada, the United States, Mexico, the Caribbean and Europe.

What makes a WestJet Magazine story?

Story formats are smart, tightly constructed pieces that may range from “charticle” formats to compelling Q&As, profiles, features and destination roundups. We are seeking stories that are off the beaten path, that examine social trends impacting travel, that are about unusual or quirky little gems not found anywhere else and that answer the question, why this destination now?

The magazine is organized into four sections: Seek, Roam, Feast and Features. Within those sections there are stories of varying length and style. Seek presents readers with suggestions on what to see, where to stay and what to buy. Roam highlights specific locations through insider tips and service-oriented advice. Feast focuses on why food and drink are worth travelling for by exploring local cuisine and food trends. Feature stories include: roundups that highlight a number of destinations under one theme, a deeper dive into a specific destination and a travel narrative that examines a cultural aspect of a place.

How to pitch the magazine

Before you pitch, please take the time to read some back issues in order to get an idea of the section or department you’re targeting, and please ensure the location you pitch is a WestJet destination.

We review these pitches on a regular basis and will be in touch if we accept your pitch. No phone calls or follow-up queries, please. We ask that you limit your pitches to two per email. If you have not heard from us within a month of having pitched, feel free to submit your query to other publications.

We work with long lead times of at least six months, so please inform us of timely stories and events with plenty of advance notice.

Editors have the final say as to where and when any commissioned work runs and fees are determined on assignment.

Please direct all print query letters to senior editor Sara Samson (ssamson[at]redpointmedia.ca) and managing editor Diane Bolt (dbolt[at]redpointmedia.ca)

All queries for online stories can be directed to Alyssa Quirico (aquirico[at]redpointmedia.ca).

All story ideas should be submitted by emailed query letter and should contain:

  • No more than a one-page query letter outlining the story idea, including its angle, direction, elements and length and intended section
  • All contact information, including phone number and email address
  • A list of where the writer has been previously published, including examples of the published work

Unsolicited material will not be sent back without a self-addressed, stamped envelope or international postal coupon.

Contributors need to inform us whether or not your submission has been previously published or is scheduled to be. Contributors must also inform WestJet Magazine about any flights, accommodations, meals, etc. that were given free of charge as part of a familiarization or press trip. Writers submitting story ideas should be aware that we may have already assigned a similar story.