Casa de los Pérez Meza

This humble museum that pays homage to the state of Sinaloa’s music heritage is housed in what was once the city’s first ballet school. An open-air courtyard sometimes hosts concerts.

Pedro y Lola

Named for two legendary local singers and specializing in seafood dishes, this intimate spot in Plaza Machado pairs dinner with live music. Try the Pedro Infante pork speciality, served in a hot volcanic rock dish for $10.

Hotel Playa Mazatlan

The original Golden Zone hotel has dramatically expanded to include 400-plus luxury rooms, an unbeatable new adventure centre (with climbing wall and zip lines) and a long-running dinner theatre extravaganza called La Original Fiesta Mexicana.

The Melville

A neoclassical gem in a restored 1870s building, formerly a telegraph office and then a nun school. It’s now a luxury guesthouse and “habitable museum,” sumptuously decorated with Mexican and Peruvian artwork, gorgeous antiques and plush furniture.

Mercado Pino Suárez

The century-old open-air bazaar covers a full city block under vaulted metal and glass, and its stalls overflow with fresh fruit and vegetables, meat and seafood, abundant souvenirs and a handful of food vendors.

Teatro Angela Peralta

Revitalized to its past grandeur, the 840 plush red seats inside this marvel create an unparalleled spot to watch contemporary and traditional performance art from all over the country. There’s also a small, interesting exhibit on the building’s dark ages.

Centro Municipal des Artes

The lynchpin of any large public festival or creativity-driven event in the Centro Historico, this small art centre and school also offers courses in sculpture, drawing, painting, dancing, acting and music.