Six Things to Eat at the Richmond Night Market

Dig into Asian street food treats like barbecued squid and bubble waffles.

Bubble waffle, photo by Lindsay Elliott

The Richmond Night Market (open weekends from May to October) is one of North America’s largest outdoor markets, with more than 100 food stalls selling dishes from around the world. There’s a heavy focus on Asian street food, and while it’s easy to get distracted by the overwhelming sights and smells, here are six things you shouldn’t leave without trying (tip: bring cash).

Bubble waffle

A hexagon-shaped waffle made with a sweet, egg-based batter. Instead of divets, it’s covered with puffy “bubbles.”


Fried dough balls filled with octopus, topped with a tangy takoyaki sauce, Japanese mayo, dried seaweed and bonito flakes.

Tuna poke

Marinated, raw tuna, sticky rice, avocado, pickled ginger, seaweed salad and kimchi cucumber, topped with taro root chips.

Fish balls

Deep fried balls of white fish paste, boiled in a spicy, red chili pepper sauce.

Barbecued squid 

Long squid tentacles or squid rings are charred on an open grill then coated with sweet chili and soya sauce.

Dragon’s Beard Candy

A white candy made of hair-thin, pulled sugar (like floss) wrapped around helpings of crunchy peanuts.

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