What to Pack for a Summer Business Trip

Keep cool with these five essentials 


Summertime doesn’t mean business travel comes to a stop. So to stay feeling fresh and looking sharp on your next business trip, pack these five travel-friendly items.

Malcolm Travel Crusher Fedora

This stylish hat is 100 per cent crushable, meaning you can roll it, fold it or simply crush it into your carry-on. US$60

iEGrow Handheld USB mini misting fan

Enjoy a gentle breeze on the go with this nifty, rechargeable USB fan. Choose between three settings—fan, misty or both. $36.99

Mizzen+Main Howe Shirt

Go from the airport, to the hotel and on to a meeting in one of these crisp yet flexible shirts. It’s moisture wicking and as comfortable as workout gear. US$125

Sony NW-WS410 Sports Walkman

Lightweight and waterproof, this snug-fitting 4GB MP3 player lets you cool off in the pool without missing a beat. $129.99

S’Well teakwood 17 oz. water Bottle

This smooth, snazzy bottle will keep your drink chilled around the clock thanks to its stainless steel, double-walled design. $45 

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