Residents in Whitehorse, YT, really, really look forward to summer. And why not? There are up to 20 hours of daylight each day during the season and a nearly 24-hour summer solstice on June 21.

“There’s a change in the atmosphere around town,” says Whitehorse resident Stephen Reynolds, who likes to spend June 21 just sitting outside a tent and enjoying the full effect of the midnight sun. Reynolds shares his top four ways to feel the summer energy of the North.

Go flight-seeing

“Get in a float plane or chopper, and really go out there. It puts [things] back in context.”

Stay a while

“People need to experience the friendliness of the Yukon, for more than just a few days. Try coming out to one of our music festivals; we’ve got several in the summer.”

Respect the power of nature

“Sit down by the Yukon River starting in mid-August and watch the salmon coming upstream. They’ve come 3,000 kilometres, escaped bears and everything by the time they get here.”

See the view from the top

“Get out of the city; drive to the top of Grey Mountain and look down at Whitehorse. Even though it’s the largest city in the Yukon, it’s still surrounded by forest.”