Weather in Quebec’s capital runs the gamut, from frigid temps in winter to sweltering summers. Visit in spring and you hit the sweet spot: plenty of sunlight to keep you pounding the pavement, but mild enough that you won’t get heatstroke from too much walking. Plus, as in any culture with challenging winters, Quebecers know how to enjoy themselves when the mercury rises above the zero line.

Here are four things to do on a spring getaway.

1. Shop for provisions at Marché du Vieux-Port

The Marché du Vieux-Port is located near popular attractions and showcases much of the diversity of local food producers—think meat and charcuterie, cider and wine, and the ever-present maple products. Around Easter, look for elaborate seasonal chocolate creations from Praline et Chocolat.

2. Go skiing at Mont-Sainte-Anne

Just 40 minutes from downtown, Mont-Sainte-Anne usually stays open until late April. It’s a great chance to experience the resort’s 547 acres of skiable terrain—including an on-mountain sugar shack where you eat maple taffy—without the often-icy winter temperatures the region is known for.

3. Visit a sugar shack

Speaking of sugar shacks, spring is prime season for them (though you’ll find touristy spots open year-round). As the sap gets flowing (usually in March), cabane à sucre season also gets going; locals crowd around tables for traditional dishes like baked beans and crepes—drowned in maple syrup.

4. Drink craft beer in the St-Roch neighbourhood

The whole province of Quebec has a craft-brewing scene to be proud of. But, for efficiency, Quebec City’s trendy St-Roch neighbourhood can’t be beat. Join Broue-Tours for a guided outing to three stellar brewpubs to compare their offerings and learn about local brewing culture.

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[This story appears in the October 2017 issue of  WestJet Magazine.]