Tour a Métis Village at Batoche National Historic Site Near Saskatoon

Take an interpretive tour to learn about this historic battle site.

Fiddlers at Batoche National Historic Site

About an hour north of Saskatoon, visit the remains of the Métis village of Batoche, the site of a four-day battle in 1885 between the Métis and the Canadian government’s North West Field Force. On an interpretive tour you’ll hear the story of the last, heroic stand of a resistance led by Gabriel Dumont and Métis political leader Louis Riel. The North-West Rebellion ultimately ended in a Métis defeat and changed Canada’s political landscape.

Learn about the river lot land division system favoured by the Métis, visit the church and rectory that bear bullet holes from the battle, and the cemetery where 11 Métis battle participants are interred. Dumont, who went on to perform in Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show, is also buried here.


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