Visit DRIP, Florida’s new live art installation

In Living Colour


You wouldn’t expect to find a New York City dive bar on Orlando’s International Drive, but then nearly everything about DRIP, Florida’s new live art installation-meets-interpretive dance show, is unexpected. From the edgy NY set to the paint-laden choreography, the 60-minute show is a gutsy and electrifying alternative to Orlando’s typical productions. “This is real and raw; it’s about the sweat and passion and the art,” says Jessica Mariko, DRIP’s creative director and CEO. Mariko’s show loosely tells a boy-meets-girl narrative as paint pours from chandeliers, gets flung against the walls and is slathered all over the performers. With strobe lights flashing and hard rock thumping, the adult crowd delights in the flying hues—especially those who paid the extra US$8 for the souvenir white (and soon to be paint-splattered) T-shirt. (Tickets are US$35)

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