Victoria’s Red Fish Blue Fish serves up unusual seafood dishes

A gourmet seafood shack


There’s fish and chips, and then there’s the creative distinctness of Red Fish Blue Fish, a funky food shack on the Inner Harbour of Victoria, B.C. Chef Kunal Ghose has become legendary for his inventive fish dishes. Be prepared for long lineups, but be patient, because the wait is worth it. Menu items range from salmon fish and chips to scallop burgers, cod dogs and spicy Sloppy Joes. Try the fish tacones, (grilled tortilla hand rolls filled with ingredients like sense-tingling salmon and sweet-smoked chili adobo), or the Spicy Pacific Fish Poutine, a scrumptious combination of halibut, tuna, salmon and cod on crispy fries topped with a tangy chipotle mayo sauce, chopped green onions and, naturally, cheese curds.

Red Fish Blue Fish opens at 11:30 a.m. seven days a week, but closes Oct. 31 to Feb. 1. (1006 Wharf St., Victoria, B.C.)

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