A graduate of the University of British Columbia’s Law School, J. Kelly Hoey started her career as a corporate attorney before becoming an entrepreneur, angel investor, networking expert and, more recently, an author—her book, Build Your Dream Network, was published in early 2017. Hoey has been named one of the 100 most influential tech women on Twitter by Business Insider and is the Chief Tech Ambassador for the YWCA of NYC’s Girls Geek Club. Born in Victoria, B.C., she moved to New York City in 1998. This year, her book tour has taken her around the world with stops in Nashville, Dublin and Edmonton. “My own career has been shaped by other people opening doors for me and welcoming me into networks, and to continue their legacy, I need to do that for others.”

On her book, Build Your Dream Network

Hoey shares a variety of networking wisdom, including how to crowdfund a business venture and how to land that dream job or esteemed account. “If my networking advice helps others pursue their career dreams, that will be my proudest moment.”

On being Chief Tech Ambassador of YWCA of New York’s Girls Geek Club

“It’s a very inclusive environment where young women feel free to explore the world of science, technology, engineering and math. I have a network full of geeks who I pull in to help.”

On staying productive

“I’d rather someone email me with a pointed question versus trying to schedule a coffee date. I guard my creative time like a hawk and typically don’t schedule meetings or calls until the afternoon, as mornings are my most productive time for writing.”

Where to eat

“Promoting my book keeps me on the road, and I always schedule in time to try out local restaurants. I was speaking at Startup Edmonton recently and went to Baijiu [pronounced bye Joe] bar. The food and bespoke cocktails there are amazing.”

Inspirational book

Personal History, a memoir by the Washington Post’s publisher Katharine Graham. “It’s one of the best business books out there—especially in this day and age when what is needed most in leadership is a moral compass.”

Networking tips

“Build your network before you need it. Be considerate of people’s time and communicate regularly to strengthen connections.”

In-flight entertainment

“I listen to classical music or use a meditation app like Meditation Studio.” Meditation Studio has more than 200-guided meditations featuring a variety of experts—including mindfulness specialists, Zen monks, and yoga instructors—and styles.”