1. Use public Wi-Fi

Go ahead and use public Wi-Fi to save money on data roaming charges—but use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to keep your browsing sessions private. Many VPNs are free, including Canada’s Betternet. Still, keep your activity to basics, like reading the news.

2. Get creative with charging your phone

If you need to charge your phone while in a hotel room, but you forgot the plug adaptor for your cord at home, don’t panic. Simply insert your smartphone’s cable into the side or back USB port of the television and it will easily charge your device.

3. Download your movies and music before leaving home

For streaming services, such as Netflix and Spotify, remember you can download content before you leave home—when you’re still on your own Wi-Fi. This way you won’t need an Internet connection to play back content or possibly incur data costs while you’re away.

4. Buy a simple adapter

International travellers often purchase expensive electrical converters for their laptops, but many seasoned explorers say you likely only need a simple adapter. Make sure to double-check the computer’s voltage before you plug in.

[This story appears in the July 2019 edition of WestJet Magazine.]