Founder Mita Carriman calls Adventurely “Yelp meets Tinder,” because it helps connect travellers with locals and fellow jetsetters. Users choose activity ideas, and members of the app’s community can join them. The app is currently only available in New York City. —CN


Frequent business travellers have likely shown up at the airport to see their flight status is showing “on time,” yet their plane hasn’t even arrived at the gate. With FlightAware, you can track the exact location of your flight whereever it is in the world, so you’re never left wondering where your plane is. —BC


Getting the most out of the airport as quickly as possible is much easier with FLIO, which, for starters, can connect you to free Wi-Fi at more than 450 airports in North America and Europe. The app can also provide you with airport dining details, Duty Free perks, and the ability to purchase airport parking. —CN

Google Translate

Navigating a country where you don’t speak the language can be tricky, but Google Translate will have you talking in no time. Take pictures of text or have a conversation and the app will translate it into more than 100 languages. Download the languages you want in case you don’t have an Internet connection. —BC


During long one-day business trips, you may want to freshen up between meetings or take a break. That’s where HotelsByDay comes into play. This app allows people to book hotels for just a few hours at a much lower rate compared to if you were staying overnight. It’s an ideal option for travellers who need a quiet space to make calls, send emails or rest before meeting their client for dinner. —BC


If you’re in need of a last-minute hotel and don’t want to spend a fortune, HotelTonight lists hotels with unsold rooms and offers them to you at discounted rates. Hotel details and amenities are clearly listed, so you’ll know exactly what you’re getting before you commit. Best of all, you can make room reservations up to 100 days in advance. —BC


You’ll never be late for an important business meeting again thanks to MAPS.ME. Once you’ve downloaded the city or regional maps you need, the app works entirely offline, allowing you to find your way even without a Wi-Fi connection. Plus, the turn-by-turn directions and big blue arrow will ensure you never get lost. —BC


For many, one of the biggest perks of travelling is getting to show off where you’ve been. LiveTrekker compiles all the data you record with your phone while you’re travelling, including photos you take and GPS locations. Once your trip is over, the app will gather all the details in one place, much like a digital scrapbook. —CN

Trail Wallet

Tracking your expenses will no longer be tedious with Trail Wallet. Add your costs in the local currencies from 218 countries and the app will convert it to your home currency. You can even take pictures of your receipts and export a report for your finance department when you’re back at the office. —BC


Use the WestJet app to search low fares, book and manage your trips, track flights, manage rewards and connect to inflight entertainment during your WestJet flight.