1. Sultan of Samosas

This establishment (with locations in Regent Park and North York in Toronto) serves a variety of samosas, but the lentil-filled ones are a highlight. They’re made with split yellow moong lentils, along with tumeric, coriander leaves and other spices popular in Indian cuisine. 


2. Puff Samosa

The samosas at this Uzbek restaurant on Bertrand Avenue are always baked—a style of preparation unique to its region of origin. They are topped with paprika powder, caraway and sesame seeds, and filled with meat and vegetables that have been seasoned with cumin and black pepper, among other spices.


3. Samosa King

Locals and visitors line up at this Sri Lankan and Indian takeout joint at the corner of Finch Avenue and Middlefield Road. Filled with potatoes and peas-, the crispy vegetable samosas at this eatery are made using large amounts of chili powder, which gives the filling a notable red hue.


4. Pili Pili

Samosas filled with meat or vegetables are fried to order at this Tanzanian restaurant on Lawrence Avenue East. Its beef samosas are smoky, packed with onions, cabbage and coriander, and include a slight kick from the beloved pili pili pepper, which is found throughout Africa and gives the eatery its name.


5. Nirala Sweets and Restaurant

The samosas at this Markham Road eatery are made with chopped chilies and are straight off the streets of Pakistan.


[This story appears in the February 2020 edition of WestJet Magazine.]