Grace Bay Beach

Although all the beaches around Provo are pristine, this is considered Provo’s finest. No wonder so many popular resorts are situated along this 19-km bay, from Beaches Resort & Spa to the Ocean Club Resort.

Coral Gardens


On the west end of Grace Bay, this area boasts the best snorkelling, and is close to shore. Make sure you don’t touch or stand on the fragile coral.

Caicos Conch Farm


Originally built as a research facility, this conch farm now produces these sea snails commercially. On the 30-minute walking tour, learn about the conch’s life cycle and see them outside of their shells.

Long Bay Beach

212 Photo by Brent Mykytyshyn

This southeastern 4.8 km-long beach is more isolated, yet still accessible via several paths. It’s great for families, so pack a picnic lunch. Provo Ponies offers horseback riding on the beach.