While this may be the month that inspires travel to romantic islands and cozy cabins with your significant other, solo adventuring is an easy means to try out new destinations or simply enjoy a solitary break. Here are three places to go it alone.

Costa Rica

In Costa Rica, you’ll be too busy having one adventure after another to require company. From surfing and rafting to visiting cloud forests and volcanoes, it can all be safely enjoyed alone in this welcoming, Central American country. Stay at an adventure lodge or quaint B&B, and bond with your fellow travellers.


In a bustling city like Dublin, you’re never really alone. Wander the cobblestone streets and take in the historic sights, or sign up for the free City of a Thousand Welcomes program that pairs locals with visitors. Over a pint or cup of tea, these Dubliners are happy to share city travel tips.

Sedona, Arizona

If you’re looking to get away from it all, head to the desert. Sedona is brimming with luxury spas and myriad spiritual retreats that are inspired by the area’s purported energy vortexes. And you’ll want to spend time outdoors hiking or biking among the towering, red-sandstone buttes that surround this small city.