Q&A: Chris Eager and Jeff Eager

The Eager Brothers of OLN's Which Way To... on their best travel experiences


Whether they’re driving an auto-rickshaw across an entire subcontinent, burying treasure in the Sahara or being robbed in Peru, the Eagar Brothers capture it all. Chris and Jeff Eagar are best known for their OLN travel show Which Way To…, which saw the duo and their younger brother, Steve, travel to off-the-beaten-path locales most people haven’t even heard of. The Gemini nominated show ran for two seasons, ending in 2010.

Jeff and Chris are currently on a coast-to-coast journey of Canada making tourism videos for their Great Canadian Adventure Tour website. They stretched their legs with us in Calgary and shared some of their best travel memories and tips.

Favourite souvenir?

JE: We bought an auto-rickshaw and drove from Bangladesh to Pakistan across India [for the pilot of Which Way To…]. It was insane. It was the most physically and mentally draining thing I’ve ever done in my life. We still have that rickshaw. We ferried it back to Canada for $4,000 and it’s sitting in our alumni university [Cape Breton University].

Things left behind?

CE: We did a show in Morocco in August 2010. We buried an Eagar Brothers treasure box filled with lots of fun and crazy stuff in the Sahara Desert. We put the GPS coordinates on our website so anyone can try and track down the treasure (whichwayto.tv/treasure.html).

JE: After 10 years, if no one has dug it up, we’re going to have a reunion with our film crew and dig it up.

Favourite unique travel spots in Canada?

JE: There’s this place called Quirpon Island in Newfoundland. In July, you have icebergs 50 feet off shore and whales breaching beside the icebergs.

CE: The Canadian arctic in the winter. You have to go with the Inuit people and you wear all the furs and get out on a caribou hunt or go ice fishing.

What do you take with you?

JE: We use Nikon camera gear, we like Birkenstock shoes, we wear Sika clothing, we drink Steam Whistle beer and we smoke Mombacho cigars.

Favourite eats in Canada?

CE: Ordering a lobster from somewhere in the Maritimes and taking it down to the beach. Or fish and chips on the wharf.

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