If you have a little girl, a visit to Disneyland’s Royal Hall in Anaheim, Calif. to meet Disney princesses is now mandatory. You know you’ll already be heading to Fantasyland for Dumbo, the Flying Elephant ride, the King Arthur Carrousel and “it’s a small world”—now you can also visit the new Fantasy Faire village, where, within the richly decorated Royal Hall, three Disney princesses are waiting to greet you.

As we lined up on a (thankfully) shaded walkway leading to Royal Hall, a sign told us that Cinderella, Ariel and Aurora were inside that day.

My six-year-old, Lila, sporting a recently purchased Disney Princesses T-shirt, was ready. She calmed her nerves with a few gumballs while I took in the arched windows, timbered and stone walls and steeply pitched roofs of the surrounding storybook village.

Thirty (seemingly reasonable) minutes later it was our turn, and a royal footman ushered us in. There she was. Cinderella, in all her powder-blue and silver glory, reached her long, gloved arms toward us as we stepped into her chamber.

There was no one else there save the Disney photographer, and it seemed that, for Cinderella, my daughter was the only child in the world at that moment. She asked Lila a few questions, knelt down beside her (I cringed at those gumball fingers) and posed for a photo op.


Lila, for her part, was too star-struck to interact in any meaningful way as Cinderella, Ariel and then Aurora all welcomed her with open arms.

Once outside the Royal Hall we were tempted into Fairy Tale Treasures, a boutique of all things Disney Princess. I escaped without a purchase only because we spotted the Royal Theatre, just beyond, and the start of a Beauty and the Beast show.

The open-air, medieval tent-style theatre offers two shows—Tangled and Beauty and the Beast — and is a great place to take a breather from all the excitement of meeting three real, live Disney Princesses.