Travel Photography Tips

We asked some travel photographers on Instagram to share their tips for getting the perfect shot.


Photographer: @reidov

Location: Latourell Falls, Oregon (near Portland)

Shot with: Sony a7 III digital camera with a 24-mm Sigma Art lens.

What makes this photo perfect: “I wanted to showcase not only the roaring waterfall, but the texture on the rock face. The combination of the scale, location and framing makes this image special.”

Tip: “Go for a hike to find a unique angle. It’s almost always worth it. Plus, it’s a great story.”


Photographer: @twofoodphotographers

Location: Cordova in Montreal, Quebec

Shot with: Nikon D800 camera

What makes this photo perfect: “I love the colours and textures of the food. I know I’ve got the shot when I get hungry looking at it. It makes me want to share a meal with friends.”

Tip: “Think about your composition carefully. Ask yourself what story you’re trying to tell, and how you can get there.”

Urban Exploration

Photographer: @meghan.neufeld

Location: London, England

Shot with: iPhone 8 Plus

What makes this photo great: “The rich colour of the street art brings life, while a moving subject offers energy. By cropping the image the way I have … it creates depth and draws you in.”

Tip: “Alter your viewpoint. Sometimes simply taking a photo from close to the ground, rather than at head height, will take your typical photo to the next level.”

Winter Scenery

Photographer: @wildheartgypsysoulphoto

Location: Moraine Lake, Alberta (near Calgary)

Shot with: iPhone X

What makes this photo great: “You can see the different textures from the melting ice of the glaciers, snowy peaks and tree tops, all while taking in the colour of this lake.”

Tip: “At an iconic spot, instead of taking a photo where everyone is getting the same shot, walk around and find different vantage points.”