Offering seclusion, historic forts, fascinating shipwrecks and gorgeous stretches of sand, the unique features of these Caribbean beaches make them well worth the journey.

Montagu Beach, Bahamas

Part of the appeal of this Nassau beach is a weathered, historic landmark: Fort Montagu, a historic limestone fort built in the 1740s, is still standing on the sand today. The beach also offers a picturesque view of the local harbour and proximity to a nearby fish market.

Archers Bay Beach, Barbados

If you’re really looking for some quiet time, head to the very small Archers Bay Beach at Barbados’s most northwesterly point in St. Lucy. Totally secluded, and with space for just 10 to 15 people, sunbathers will feel like they have their own private oasis.

Klein Curaçao

Plan a day trip to the longest beach in Curaçao, located just a two-hour boat trip away on the island of Klein Curaçao. Check out the uninhabited island’s 20-metre-tall lighthouse and the shipwrecks that have washed ashore, then take to the water for some snorkelling and scuba diving.