6 Places to Eat in Mesa, Arizona

Empanadas, craft sandwiches and pizza paired with a pipe organ are all on the menu in Mesa.

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1. Beaver Choice

Beaver Choice is a blend of Polish, Scandinavian, Austrian and Canadian comfort food. The restaurant is casual and the menu is long. The rhubarb chicken and laxpudding with cured salmon are Scandinavian. The hunter stew and pierogis are Polish. There are half a dozen schnitzels on the menu that are Austrian, including Beaver Choice’s signature dish, the schnitzel corden bleu. And, the poutine represents Canada on the menu. If you can’t make it to the Baseline Road restaurant, look for the food trailer at events around Mesa.


2. Organ Stop Pizza


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This restaurant is a family-friendly pizza parlor with a pipe organ. It’s home to the Mighty Wurlitzer organ, which has nearly 6,000 pipes that are powered by wind from four turbines. There are four musical staff who take turns playing the more than 1,000 buttons and knobs. Listen to the raucous music while you eat pizza and mozzarella sticks. Organ Stop Pizza is cash only.


3. Osteria


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Osteria is a rustic Italian restaurant that is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The bread and pasta are made in-house daily, the pizza is cooked in the wood-fire oven and the entrees change with the seasons. Take a seat inside where you can see into the kitchen and the vibe is casual and lively or go outside and enjoy the patio where olive trees add some extra Italian ambiance.


4. República Empanada


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Find one of the largest selections of empanadas in Arizona here. There are more than a dozen fillings to choose from for the delicious pockets of dough. The classic is the El Capitan with ground beef, potato, boiled egg, green olives and raisins, but other options include bean and cheese for vegetarians or the jalapeño popper empanada for some spice. There is also a menu of sweet empanadas with fillings, including local figs, guava preserves and peanut butter. All of the empanadas are served in white paper bags. You can also get platters, tortas and appetizers here.


5. Sassy’s Cafe & Bakery


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This casual cafe serves breakfast and lunch with menu that includes piña colada French toast, barbecue chicken quesadilla and mixed berry salad. The baked goods are on full display. You’ll want to pick up some cupcakes and cinnamon buns while you are at Sassy’s. It’s owned by Geoff and Melody Larsen. Melody was a finalist on Food Network’s Holiday Baking Championship.


6. Worth Takeaway


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This downtown Mesa restaurant specialises in craft sandwiches like the reuben with house made sauerkraut, havarti and pickled mustard dijonnaise or the French dip with roast beef, caramelized onions, horseradish cream and harvarti. Add on an order of banana pudding and soda to drink — both of those are made in-house — and you have yourself a meal. If you don’t want a sandwich, go for Monday night supper when the special includes meals like chili, chicken parmesan and meatloaf. Despite the name, there are tables at Worth Takeaway so you can eat in.