Los Angeles Ice Cream Shops Where You Churn Your Own, Get it in a Bouquet or Top It How You Like It

These five local shops have something for everyone.

Magpies Softserve

With its almost year-round warm weather, it’s not surprising that Los Angeles has a thriving ice cream scene. Whether you love a classic cone filled with soft serve or the latest, craziest flavour, there’s something for every ice cream lover in this Californian city. Here are five local ice cream shops that are worth checking out.

Bennett’s Ice Cream: For the ice cream fan who loves old-fashioned treats

Tucked away in Los Angeles’ Farmers Market, Bennett’s Ice Cream has been open for nearly 55 years. Bennett’s makes award-winning old-fashioned ice cream in classic flavours like pistachio, rum raisin and butter pecan, plus a handful of more inventive ones like pumpkin and cabernet sauvignon sorbet. The ice cream shop also offers classic frozen treats such as ice cream drumsticks, banana splits, sundaes and frozen, chocolate-covered bananas on a stick.

Gresescent Ice Cream: For the ice cream fan who can’t stop at one scoop

Who needs a bouquet of flowers when you can have a bouquet of ice cream? At Gresescent Ice Cream in downtown L.A., you can get ice cream bouquets with not one, not two, but 10 small scoops of ice cream in a maple waffle cone. Choose from 33 rotating flavours for a bouquet of up to five flavours including raspberry nutella, grilled pineapple and bourbon caramel, honey hazelnut pistachio and sea salt chocolate ganache.

Magpies Softserve: For the ice cream fan who likes soft serve

Soft serve ice cream is taken to the next level at Magpies Softserve’s two locations in L.A.’s Silver Lake and Tarzana neighbourhoods. The handmade soft serve flavours vary depending on the location, but can include sweet cream, corn almond or malted milk chocolate. Once you’ve chosen your flavour, add classic or unusual toppings such as chocolate covered honeycomb, butterscotch Rice Krispies, sprinkles and salted caramel sauce.

Peddler’s Creamery: For the ice cream fan who’s health conscious

You don’t have to feel guilty about eating ice cream at Peddler’s Creamery. Not only does the downtown shop churn its ice cream on a bicycle, visitors can also get a mini, pre-indulgence workout in by doing some churning of their own. Between 7 p.m. and 9 p.m., guests can earn a complimentary scoop of ice cream if they’re willing to spend about 20 minutes pedalling a bike. When it’s time to pick your scoop, choose from daily flavours that can include Mexican chocolate and vanilla coconut chip or the seasonal strawberry basil.

Wanderlust Creamery: For the ice cream fan who craves unique, global flavours

Ice cream has been enjoyed worldwide for centuries. At Wanderlust Creamery’s two locations in Tarzana and Atwater Village, you can try ice cream that’s themed around international ingredients and flavours. While the seasonal flavours change monthly, Wanderlust’s signature flavours include an Iceland-inspired pretzel and rugbraud ice cream, and a European-inspired Kinder Bueno ice cream. If you feel like doing some gastronomic globetrotting, order “A Flight Around the World” to get 14 differently flavoured mini scoops at once.

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