Visit Marilyn Monroe’s mausoleum at Westwood Village Memorial Park Cemetery

This leafy little square is the final resting place of some of Hollywood’s biggest stars, including Marilyn Monroe. Her mausoleum square stands out—visitors frequently plant lipstick-laden kisses on it, and its marble facade has been worn pink by daily cleanings. 

Hang out at the Sunset Tower Hotel

For something a little livelier, head to Sunset Tower Hotel. An art deco masterpiece set in the heart of the Sunset Strip, this former apartment building was once home to a who’s who of Hollywood’s Golden Age. When John Wayne lived there, he kept a cow on his terrace so he could have fresh milk each day. Another famous resident, Truman Capote, noted (in a typed letter that now hangs on the wall)  that this was the place where “every scandal that ever happened, happened.”

Go to Greystone Mansion

A daytime visit to Greystone Mansion in Beverly Hills is another must. Home to one of the city’s most infamous, real-life murder mysteries (that of oil tycoon heir Ned Doheny), this former mansion is now a city park where the public is free to roam the manicured grounds. It has also served as a prime filming location for some of Hollywood’s biggest films, including Spider-ManThe Social Network and the X-Men franchise, where it stood in as the academy used to school young mutants.

[A version of the article appears in the February 2015 issue of WestJet Magazine and has since been updated.]