Rachel Mielke, CEO and founder of Hillberg & Berk—a Canadian jewelry company with eight locations across Western Canada—describes herself as a Regina girl through and through. “I’ve probably explored every single nook and cranny of this city,” says Mielke. Here, she shares with us the things she loves most about her hometown.

Lunch spot

“My favourite place to eat in the city is called Sprout. It’s just on the outskirts of downtown and it’s all fresh and delicious food. I eat there about three times a week and always get the same thing: the falafel bowl. It’s so good.”

Kid-friendly museum

“We like going to the Royal Saskatchewan Museum to discover nature. The museum is interesting because it really brings nature and culture together. I remember going there as a child, so it’s cool to take my kids there, too.”

Coffee shop

“There are lots of amazing coffee shops in Regina. One of my favourites is Magpies [Kitchen] and it’s connected to one of my favourite stores, Crocus & Ivy, which carries clothes, shoes and home stuff.”

Wascana Centre/Thinkstock

Urban gem

Wascana [Centre] runs through the city, it’s where our legislature is and there are [smaller] parks and a restaurant.”

Must-visit boutique

Sara Lindsay The Makeup Store. Sara is an incredibly talented makeup artist, who was trained and worked in the UK, and her store feels so big city.”

Art gallery

“My favourite art gallery is the Assiniboia Gallery. It’s a staple in this city. They carry a lot of female artists, including two of my favourites: Angela Morgan and Kimberly Kiel.”

Iconic hotel

The Hotel Saskatchewan has been a big part of my life. I’ve been going there for years for events and family brunches. The Circa 27 Lounge is one of my favourite places to go.”