Bermuda’s culinary melting pot is flavoured by the influences of its British founders, as well as substantial Portuguese and Afro-Caribbean communities. Here are five of the island’s best dishes and where to find them.

Fish Sandwich at Art Mel’s Spicy Dicy

Absolutely order the popular fish sandwich from this nondescript takeaway joint. Fried in soybean oil and topped with lettuce, tartar sauce and ripe tomatoes, this snapper dish is incredibly light. Opt for the raisin bread as locals do, but go easy on the scotch bonnet sauce.

Afternoon Tea at Jasmine Lounge

Afternoon tea is an enjoyable ritual when visiting one of the last remaining colonies in Her Majesty’s empire. It’s an elegant affair at Fairmont Southampton’s Jasmine Lounge, where tea is poured from a stately silver teapot. The spread is lavish with tiny sandwiches, petit four and plump scones ready to be dolloped with Devonshire cream and jam.

Fresh fish at Marcus’

Visit the Hamilton Princess & Beach Club outpost of celebrity chef Marcus Samuelsson to sample inventive remakes of traditional Bermudian dishes such as fish chowder bites and boozy caramelized rum cake. The island is known for its seafood, and the chef’s whole roasted fish is a thing of beauty. Spiced with a melange of chili, cilantro and garlic and glazed with berbere and bourbon, it hits all the right flavour notes. (Note: Marcus’ will be closed in February for renovations.)

Wahoo Nuggets at  SeaSide Grill

Locals rave about the wahoo nuggets dished at this tiny Devonshire eatery. A cross between chicken nuggets and fish fingers, these meaty morsels of lightly battered white fish are dusted with lemon pepper and are best spritzed them with lemon and dunked in tartar sauce.

Lobster at Barracuda Grill

Spiny lobster is highly coveted from September through the end of March. Typically eaten cut in half lengthwise and broiled, the head is stuffed with seasoned breadcrumbs and the meat is cooked in a delicious cream sauce and stuffed back in the shell. To crack some shells and sample this delicious dish, head to the Barracuda Grill in Hamilton.