We asked Bajan Darrio Prescod, the Barbados and Caribbean brand ambassador for Mount Gay Rum (one of the country’s most famous exports), to share his favourite island spots.

Fine dining

Tapas is very nice. The atmosphere is fantastic and [so is] the service—you get that warm Barbadian hospitality. I try something different all the time, but the mahi mahi is usually very good.”

Favourite beach

“Dover Beach. My godmother lives up there; anytime I visit her, that’s where we go. I live close to Bridgetown, and, for me, it’s getting away and just relaxing.”

Best bar

“MOJO’s, hands-down. It’s a nice spot to go and chill. A lot of people socialize there after work—everybody is chatting, getting drinks and just breezing (our local word for chilling). My favourite cocktail is Mount Gay Black Barrel with a squeeze of lime and some cranberry juice. They also have the famous Mojoan burger—it’s a very nice burger.”

Island hotel

“I did a staycation at Island Inn Hotel and it was great because it’s a small hotel and it’s out of the way. No one really knows that it’s there.”

Rum shop

“John Moore Bar in Weston, St. James, is right by the ocean. It has a window to the sea. You can find guys playing dominoes there, and you can see people fishing.”

John Moore Bar, photo by National Geographic Creative/Alamy

John Moore Bar, photo by National Geographic Creative/Alamy

Must-see attraction

“You’ve got to do the [Mount Gay] rum tour, because Barbados is the birthplace of rum and Mount Gay Rum is the oldest brand of rum in the world. You’ve got to go to where it started.”

Music hot spot

“The thing for us is karaoke. There’s a spot in the [St. Lawrence] Gap called Hal’s Car Park Bar. It’s a nice open spot and they have karaoke there. People look forward to it because it’s about carrying your own key. Nobody likes a karaoke singer who can really sing. That’s boring. We prefer the ones who think they can sing and then attempt to prove it.”

Local Bajan cuisine

“I head to Baxters Road. That’s where I go to get fish and chips, macaroni salad and some plantain—it’s my Friday night thing to do. That’s real local.”

[This story appears in the December 2016 issue of WestJet Magazine and has since been updated.]