Sticking to new year’s resolutions isn’t easy, but we’ve come up with some travel ideas that will help make those harder-to-keep resolutions feel like less of a chore.

Resolution: Eat healthier

Travel solution: California

California cuisine is famous for its abundant use of seafood and fresh local produce. A prime example of this is the ubiquitous fish taco, loaded with fresh fish (fried or grilled), avocados and tomatoes. Plus, both San Francisco and San Diego have plenty of farmers markets that offer ultra-fresh ingredients. Perhaps that’s why 26 per cent of San Francisco residents eat more than five servings of fruits and veggies a day.

Restaurants in San Francisco are among some of the best in the world, making full use of local ingredients. It’s actually hard to eat junk when you’re there.

Resolution: Exercise more


Travel solution: Costa Rica

It’s no surprise that people fall off the wagon when it comes to their fitness regimen—working out at the gym is boring. Why not take an active vacation to Costa Rica, where you can raft, zipline, surf, try canyoneering and go on a yoga retreat? With all the available activities, you won’t want to sit down for long.

Resolution: Spend more time with family and friends

Travel Solutions: Disney vacations, Myrtle Beach and more

When it comes to bonding with family on multi-generational trips, Disneyland or Disney World are no-brainers (just look at the all the fun the Dunphys had on Modern Family). But there are lots of other destinations that offer something for everyone in the family.

Not limited to acclaimed golf courses, Myrtle Beach has great shopping, water parks and 60 miles of beaches that make it perfect for the entire family.

San Diego is another destination that has everything for families. Within the city, Balboa Park has parks, museums, theatres, gardens and a zoo to educate and entertain everyone in your clan. Just outside of the city, Coronado Island offers an array of outdoor activities: tennis, golf, beach, biking and paddleboarding.

Resolution: Manage spending

Travel solution: WestJet Rewards

Just because you want to be on top of your finances doesn’t mean you can’t travel at all. Travel can be expensive, but if you take advantage of reward programs and seat sales, you can visit all the places on your list for a fraction of the normal cost.

WestJet Rewards allow you to earn WestJet dollars that can be used as cash (1 WestJet dollar = $1 Canadian dollar) toward WestJet flights and WestJet Vacation packages. If you want to save even more on WestJet flights, consider applying for the WestJet RBC MasterCard that lets you earn dollars towards travelling with WestJet. Or, if you’re adverse to signing up for rewards programs, you can keep an eye out for seat sales on WestJet’s Facebook page or Twitter account.

Resolution: Do more good deeds

Travel Solution: Voluntouring in Hawaii

Food banks and soup kitchens aren’t the only places where you can help out. Combine good intentions with a tiny bit of self-serving motivation through voluntouring.

In Maui, Hawaii, those interested in helping out the wildlife can participate in monitoring and protecting basking sea turtles.

Also in Hawaii, Habitat for Humanity offers interested individuals the chance to build homes in Kauai for local residents who cannot afford housing.

Resolution: Drink less

Travel Solutions: Phoenix or New York City

There’s nothing wrong with the occasional tipple, but if your goal is to curb your alcohol intake, you can go to juice bars or the new breed of non-alcoholic spots instead of pubs.

Phoenix is known for luxury travel: world-renowned golf courses, spas, and outstanding restaurants. But, it’s not difficult to dodge the booze; there are many restaurants with comprehensive lists of non-alcoholic drinks. True Food Kitchen offers over 10 varieties of “natural refreshments.”

In New York City, you can find outstanding and creative non-alcoholic drinks at Gramercy Tavern that won’t make you regret foregoing that glass of wine with your meal.