As a world leader in biodiversity, Costa Rica’s rich ecosystem supports an abundance of wildlife including two of the world’s six species of sloth—the Hoffman’s two-toed sloths and the three-toed brown-throated sloth. To get up close to these national treasures (but don’t touch) book a stay at Nayara Resort, Spa & Gardens or its sister property Nayara Springs. Situated on the edge of the Arenal Volcano National Park, these resorts recently planted 300 Cecropia trees (this quirky creature’s go-to food source) on across both properties, enticing 15 local sloths to make this forested canopy their permanent hang out. Or, take a guided tour of Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve, located midway between capital San José and Liberia, and chances are good that simply looking up will result in spotting one of these sleepy tree-dwelling omnivores.

A sloth in Costa Rica/Shutterstock

Getting there: WestJet flies to Liberia nine times a week from Calgary and Toronto, and to San Jose twice a week from Toronto. 

Costa Rica is one of our must-visit destinations of 2018