Halifax on a Budget: Day by the Ocean

Halifax City Specialist, Tara McClair, shows you the best places to experience the beach scene in Halifax


Halifax is a university town full of frugal students and, as an alumnus of University of Kings College, I know how to stretch a dollar. One of the best things about the city is that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to have a good time. Here’s a list of beaches and ways to enjoy the water on your next trip to Halifax.

Spend the day at the beach

I recently took a friend from Toronto to Martinique beach, and he commented on how strange it was to be at an actual beach and still be in the city; however, I couldn’t imagine being in a city and not being near the ocean.

With miles of rugged shoreline, Halifax has lots of great beaches to choose from, many just a quick drive from the city:

  • Crystal Crescent Beach: Enjoy the soft, white sand (Sambro Creek Road)
  • Martinique Beach: Experience the huge waves at (East Petpeswick Road)
  • Lawrencetown Beach: Famous for it’s surfing (Route 207, Lawrencetown)
  • Rainbow Haven Beach: Popular and well-supervised, making it perfect for families with children. (Bissett Road)
  • Clam Harbour Beach: Check out the annual sand castle competition every year (158 beach Road, Clam Harbour)
  • Queensland Beach: Known for its warm water temperatures (warm by Atlantic Ocean standards) (Highway #3, Hubbards)

Take a Ferry Cruise

Jump on the ferry for only $2.50. That’s right, for less than three dollars, the Halifax Harbour Ferry (George Street) takes you from Halifax, across the harbour to sister city, Dartmouth.

The ten minute cruise offers a great view of the harbour, the bridges, McNabs Island and Georges Islands, the Halifax waterfront, and downtown Dartmouth. The ferry runs every 15 minutes, so you can wait and turn around to head back to Halifax, or stay and explore Dartmouth.

Photo: meddygarnet

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