A craft-beer pioneer, Andrew Hashey opened Saint Lucia’s first craft brewery, the Antillia Brewing Company, with business partner Greg Potten in 2015. Hashey, who divides his time between Canada and Saint Lucia, shares a few of his favourite spots on this Caribbean island.  

Historical Site

“Pigeon Island is a wonderful historical site: it was a settlement for the Arawak people, and then a pirate hideout. During the Second World War, it was an American naval base [that took part in the search] for German U-boats.”

Favourite Restaurants

“If I were to treat myself, and my friends and family, I would visit Boucan by Hotel Chocolat or Jade Mountain’s restaurant [Jade Mountain Club]. Both restaurants have beautiful views overlooking the Pitons, and are away from Saint Lucia’s hustle and bustle.”

Favourite Day Trip

“Hiking the Gros Piton is a wonderful way to exhaust yourself. The hike typically takes four hours and the view from the peak is fantastic. You can look out across the ocean and see [the] neighbouring islands.” 

Getting Around

“For business, I get around by car, but a water taxi is a great way to experience Saint Lucia. The roads are busy, [but] in a water taxi you can look back at the beaches with the rainforest falling into [them]. It’s a real experience.” 

Hidden Gem

“The Anse Mamin Plantation Walk. The Jade Mountain Resort preserved the plantation, and there is a nature walk through what is a tumultuous part of Saint Lucia’s history with respect to slavery and plantation life. You can go through this gorgeous place with a guide and learn about the plants and foliage, about the history, and pay respect to what happened there.”

[This story appears in the March 2019 issue of WestJet Magazine.]