Useful Gadgets for Business Travellers

Working on the road has never been easier


Staying connected has never been more vital to the success of a business trip. These latest digital offerings bring added convenience to being out on the road.

AirPort Express


Photo courtesy of Apple

This super-portable device actually has a couple of notable uses. You can attach it to an Ethernet cable to create a Wi-Fi network, which is especially useful if you’re staying in a hotel that limits how many devices you can connect to the Wi-Fi. You can also use the AirPort Express to send your computer or phone’s music to a wireless speaker system. $119.

Raden luggage


This lightweight hard-shell rolling suitcase comes in seven different colours (including practical black and can’t-miss-at-luggage-claim light purple). More importantly, it offers lots of technological perks, including an app that notifies you when your luggage is at the carousel and USB ports that you can use to power up your phone. From US$295.

mophie powerstation


In a world where we can’t seem to put our devices down for even a second, standard battery life is not enough for a full day of action. There are a lot of external batteries out there, but the mophie powerstation collection offers powerful charging capacities (the 8x has enough juice for eight phones) and super-sleek, aluminum-finish design. From US$39.95.

Neo Smartpen N2


For lovers of the handwritten word, this clever pen can digitally transcribe everything from notes to doodles. While the technology requires special paper (which has nearly invisible dots arranged in a pattern recognized by the pen), regular ink will do for actual writing. Just sync the pen with the app to upload everything you’ve jotted down. US$169.

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