Four Spots For Gourmet Waffles

Where to find try sweet treat


Café Medina, photo by Issha Marie 

It’s easy to love the food of your childhood—especially crisp, golden cakes doused in butter and syrup and eaten on lazy weekend mornings in front of the TV. A well-made waffle is a glorious thing, and savoury and sweet versions are catching on in restaurants and on street corners. They’re not just for breakfast anymore.

Café Medina, Vancouver

There’s almost always a morning lineup outside Café Medina, where the chewy Liège-style yeast-raised waffles are proofed overnight and baked every morning, topped with pearl sugar and sold by the waffle. Diners can also order small dishes of thick toppings, like milk chocolate lavender, raspberry caramel, white chocolate pistachio rosewater, salted caramel, fig orange marmalade and peach-bourbon butterscotch. 

Happy Days Café, Los Angeles

What happens when you press churro-waffle dough into a waffle iron, cook it until crisp, then douse it with cinnamon sugar and serve it on a stick, drizzled with chocolate? Happy Days! This LA spot specializes in churros that are made from scratch, then waffled to order. It’s the perfect marriage of two divine comfort foods. 

Yardbird Southern Table & Bar, Miami Beach and Las Vegas

Yardbird pays homage to true homestyle Southern cuisine, with farm-fresh ingredients and traditional hospitality. On offer: a big ol’ cheddar waffle, topped with green tomato chow chow and bourbon maple syrup. Of course, the cheesy waffles also act as vehicles for the crunchiest old-school fried chicken, paired with honey hot sauce and chilled spiced watermelon—a brunch favourite at both locations.

Buttermilk Fine Waffles, Calgary

This new spot specializes in the crispy, fluffy buttermilk waffles of owner Sam Friley’s childhood. Here, each golden, deeply divoted square waffle is served within 40 seconds of being cooked, then topped with combinations like house-made lemon curd and goat cheese, or local Village Ice Cream with melted chocolate sauce or sticky toffee. If it’s Saturday morning and you’re a waffle purist, you can opt for straight-up butter and pure maple syrup. 

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