Perch rooftop lounge

Whether it’s the great view, a cozy fireplace or a unique dining experience, these restaurants will help you set the mood for the most romantic day of the year.


Perch, Los Angeles

Few things say romance like French cuisine, so why not learn from the best at this French-inspired bistro. The restaurant, located on the 15th floor, exudes French charm in its decor, while fire pits and cocktails await upstairs at the rooftop lounge. The view of downtown Los Angeles doesn’t hurt either.

O.Noir, Montreal and Toronto

O.Noir may offer the opposite of a great view, but it’s a sensory experience you won’t soon forget. The entire dining experience happens in the dark while visually impaired wait staff serve your dinner and drinks. Without sights to distract you, you can focus all your attention on the delicious meal and your significant other.

Sky 360 Restaurant & Lounge, Calgary

It’s one thing to have a view with dinner; it’s another to have a view of the entire city from every direction. Located at the top of the Calgary Tower, Sky 360 Restaurant & Lounge slowly rotates while you eat, offering a view more than 600 feet in the air of downtown and the Rocky Mountains. A complete rotation at dinner takes only an hour, but that view of the Calgary sunset is timeless.

The River Café, Brooklyn, NY

Tucked away underneath the Brooklyn Bridge, New York’s River Café offers amazing views of the city from the ground level. The New York skyline, the East River and the majestic Statue of Liberty will keep you company while you dine and partake in the restaurant’s acclaimed wine program.