Kelowna may be the largest urban centre in the Okanagan, but it’s also just steps from forests, mountains, canyons, lakes, waterfalls and plenty of great hiking trails of varying lengths and difficulty. Now, lace up your boots and go.

Beaches and beers: Paul’s Tomb at Knox Mountain

Length: 5 km loop

Difficulty: Easy to moderate

Located five minutes from downtown, Kelowna’s most popular trail is a relatively easy hike that leads past a lookout with views over Okanagan Lake and ends at a secluded beach cove. The trailhead emerges where the city’s Grapes to Grains trail begins. That’s right near Kettle River Brewing Co. and a perfect stop for a refreshing pint.

Family-friendly: Kettle Valley Railway at Myra Canyon

Length: 24 km loop

Difficulty: Easy to moderate

Kids will love walking over bridges and through tunnels on this easy amble 40 minutes from downtown. It follows the old Kettle Valley Railway, which has been transformed into a walled hike-and-bike trail that runs along steep, narrow Myra Canyon. Feeling sluggish? No need to do the whole trail. The first of the canyon’s 18 trestle bridges is roughly one kilometre from the beginning of the trail.

Fall for waterfalls: Canyon Rim Trail at Bear Creek Provincial Park

Length: 2.5 km loop

Difficulty: Moderate

As soon as you arrive, you are immediately greeted by one of the many scenic creeks and waterfalls that are sprinkled throughout the Bear Creek Provincial Park. The trail is only 15 minutes from downtown in West Kelowna and follows a route past thriving maple trees and Saskatoon berry bushes, and offers breathtaking views of Okanagan Lake and downtown Kelowna. Keep in mind that trail parking is closed from mid-October until re-opening in spring, but parking is still available on the roadside during the off-season.

Edge of the volcano: Mount Boucherie at Eain Lamont Park

Length: 6 km loop

Difficulty: Moderate to difficult

West Kelowna is known as the place to visit some of B.C.’s best wineries, including Mission Hill and Quails’ Gate. But, it’s also where you can hike Mount Boucherie, an extinct volcano that is some 50 million years old. It is 15 minutes from downtown Kelowna and the trail leads to a summit with 360-degree views of Okanagan Lake. The best time to go is at sunrise or sunset when the valley is washed in a rosy golden glow.

Lake country views: Summit Trail at Spion Kopje Mountain

Length: 2 km loop

Difficulty: Difficult

About 30 minutes north of Kelowna in Lake Country, this trail is a challenge for even experienced hikers. A steep, intense climb through ponderosa pine leads to a summit with spectacular views of what seems like the entire Okanagan Valley. Reward yourself afterward with a glass of Pinot Noir at the dramatically designed 50th Parallel Estate Winery nearby.