LaunchPad Trampoline Park, Edmonton

Illustration by Cristian Fowlie

Edmonton’s LaunchPad Trampoline Park works on the formula that you can greatly improve almost any activity by adding a trampoline to the mix—think extreme basketball slam dunks. The philosophy extends to workout classes, which run on Friday mornings and promise to test your cardio and strengthen major muscle groups. Of course, you can turn up any time for a self-directed bounce and achieve many of the same benefits. There’s a foam pit, climbing walls, trampoline dodge- ball and a slackline set up. Don’t be surprised if you end up smiling while getting in a workout.

OCR Academy, Ottawa

Illustration by Cristian Fowlie

OCR Academy—those initials stand for obstacle course race—looks like a cross between a jungle gym and the backstage at a stadium rock concert: there is matte black paint on the walls and scaffolding, ramps, rings and ropes everywhere. The facility, founded by Ottawa local Joshua Fry, aims to get patrons t using obstacle- course staples such as balance bars, nets, climbing ropes and vertical walls, though it also offers more traditional strength and mobility classes. The gym is a child-friendly zone, with kids’ classes during the week and family time on weekends.

The Spot – Parkour and Movement Centre, Montreal

Illustration by Cristian Fowlie

The Spot – Parkour and Movement Centre is not your typical gym. Instead of weight racks and Stairmasters, you’ll find padded mats, climbing walls and foam pits. This facility is dedicated to parkour, the urban, acrobatic style that developed in France during the late 1980s. With an emphasis on safety and respect, The Spot is the perfect place to try it out and eliminate the risk of hitting the concrete. Devotees say parkour not only gets you t, but teaches you awareness, confidence and discipline. An introductory, one-hour session with an instructor is $40, and a reservation is required.

Halifax Circus, Halifax

Illustration by Cristian Fowlie

If you’ve dreamed of running away to join the circus, this could be your chance. Founded by Cirque du Soleil alum Mike Hirschbach, Halifax Circus teaches acrobatics, juggling, clowning, tightrope-walking and unicycling to professional performers and members of the public. Introductory classes require no experience, and some are available in French (check the schedule on the website). Many of the moves require core and full-body strength and flexibility, so expect to sweat. The best part is you’re learning a whole new skill.

This story appears in the April 2020 edition of WestJet Magazine.