Fall cocktails: Peach Cinnamon Autumn from Ottawa’s Play Food & Wine

This tasty fall creation will leave you warm inside


At Play Food & Wine, nestled in Ottawa’s Byward Market, the plates are deliciously small and the wine is flowing. But don’t let the expert wine pairings distract you from the cocktail menu, designed by head bartender Paul Shevsky. From his twists on classics like Manhattans to crème brule drinks, which require a blow torch, the cocktails are to die for. Take a sit at the bar and watch him painstakingly create his masterpieces in the open concept kitchen. If you’re not in the area, he’s created an autumn cocktail that you can make at home.

Peach Cinnamon Autumn

Makes 1 cocktail.

The cinnamon syrup is made in house by cooking down sugar water and fresh cinnamon sticks. The tea is made in house by chilling vanilla rooibos tea with small amounts of simple syrup.

1 Small peach, pitted

1 oz Cinnamon Syrup

1 oz Sailor Jerry’s Spiced rum

½ oz Grand Marnier Liqueur

½ oz Golden Pear Liqueur

3 oz Chilled Vanilla Rooibos sweet tea

1 Plum

Muddle peach in a muddling glass. Add cinnamon syrup in small increments while muddling to create a peach and cinnamon puree.  Add liqueurs and ice to puree, and shake. Pour entire contents into a highball glass and top with tea. To garnish, slice off a piece of the plum, coat in sugar, and brulee with a torch.

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