Extreme Winter Sports to Splurge On

Have an unforgettable experience heli-ice caving in Whistler or taking a road trip through the Canadian Arctic

Photo courtesy of Head-Line Mountain Holidays/Garth Eichel

Looking to really splurge on your next winter adventure? For those with deep pockets, here are two pricey (but unforgettable) options that will earn you bragging rights.

Heli-ice caving

Whistler, B.C., is home to many over-the-top winter experiences, but few as decadent as Head-Line Mountain Holidays’ Heli-Ice Cave Explore. Lift off in an A-star helicopter for transport to an ice cap that’s home to a labyrinth of aqua-blue caves filled with nine-metre icicles, cathedral-like ceilings, and ice columns up to 18 metres tall. As a luxe add-on, warm up afterward with a heli-transfer to a wilderness hot spring. Cost starts at $1,395 per person.

Arctic road trip

If you’ve always wanted to experience the intensity of winter in Canada’s North, Arctic Range Adventure offers eight-day Arctic Winter Explorer tours ($3,490 per person) through to March. Starting in Whitehorse and ending in Tuktoyaktuk, these guided road trips (via “maxi van”) cross tundra, mountain ranges, and an ice road over the Arctic Ocean. Lodgings along the way are cozy, but it’s the views—northern lights, pyramid-shaped pingos, herds of wild caribou—that are most alluring.

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