Don Felder’s golf course picks

We asked the rock star where he goes to indulge his passion for the game


What do you do for fun?

I love to play golf and it’s a fun, easy way to give back with charity events. I travel to play and I also golf when I’m home in Los Angeles.

We were in Miami recording in the 1970s with what we called studio tans–when we worked hard, had pale skin and never saw the sun. One weekend our record producer Bill Szymczyk said we have to get outside and get some sun. So Joe (Walsh) and Bill and I went to this golf course with a large chest of beverages.

We got sunburned and red with frustration when we learned how difficult the game was to play. When we returned to Los Angeles, Bill was taking lessons. He got really good. So, I took lessons and then I was hooked. It wasn’t long before I had blisters and calluses on my hands, not just from my guitar, but also from my golf clubs. That’s when I got into playing charity games, it’s a fun easy way to give back.

It takes a lot of work to maintain the game, but I love music even more and I’ve been really busy. I had a handicap of 7.2 when I was playing golf regularly, but the past three years has been more about music and now I have crept up to a 13.4.

Favourite golf courses and events


I love Silvertip and Stewart Creek golf courses, both in Kananaskis, about an hour west of Calgary. I go there a couple of times a year. I love the pristine (Canadian Rockies) environment.

Los Angeles

There’s an old classic golf course called Lakeside, located near the Warner Brothers Studios. The heritage goes back to the Rat Pack with Frank Sinatra. These days, there are people like Sly Stallone and Joe Pesci, it’s a good bunch of people. When you go, you don’t feel like it’s a snooty country club. You hang out and have a laugh and lose some balls.

Also in Los Angeles, I like The Riviera and Lake Sherwood

Palm Springs

I normally play The Bob Hope Classic (now called the Humana Challenge) out in Palm Springs. It attracts celebrities and musicians including Alice Cooper, Stephen Stills and Huey Lewis. We like to get a huge jam session going there.

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