Cool down with a paleta in Phoenix

Memories of Mexico


Mexican native Betty Alatorre missed the fresh tastes of her home country so much, she opened two paleterias in greater Phoenix to bring Mexico’s spices and fruits to her adopted city, in frozen form. The result: handmade Mexican paletas—traditional Mexican-style popsicles—in flavours ranging from key lime and mango to pecan. Each paleta is made with fresh ingredients, without any preservatives or food colouring. Spices such as chili, lavender and cinnamon are also ground fresh.

“It’s a way for me to share my culture and my childhood,” says Alatorre, who grew up in Michoacan state in southwestern Mexico, where corner paleterias are commonplace. “The whole idea is to share my memories.”

Now, Arizona-dwellers and visitors can drop by a Paletas Betty in either Tempe or Chandler and grab a delicious frozen treat to cool down from Arizona’s year-round heat.

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