Cocktail recipe: Cotton Candy Martini from Serendipity 3

Las Vegas’ ice cream parlour on steroids


What began as a four-table, 16-chair New York-based sweet shop in the ’50s has morphed and expanded its sugar-spun wings to Las Vegas. Serendipity 3 opened on the Strip—and we mean right on the Strip as in the front yard of Caesar’s Palace next to its iconic fountains—in 2009 and brought its famous foot-long hot dogs and over-the-top desserts with it. Hovering over Las Vegas Boulevard, few places in Sin City can lay claim to better real estate or people watching. So before you head inside to a casino, show or resto—much too much of Vegas is in dark, windowless places—pull up a chair on its terrace and order a few appies (lots of tricked-out comfort food from ahi tuna tacos to its truffle-infused mac and cheese) and a cocktail.

You’ll still find lots of patrons imbibing on Serendipity 3’s top selling beverage—the über high-cal Frrrozen Hot Chocolate (a blend of 20 different chocolates are used) but equally tough on your molars is the Cotton Candy Martini. Riffing on the resto’s favourite colour—pink—this pouffy drink is almost magical. One minute you see it, the next you don’t. As soon as you pour the chilled booze over the pink candy floss it vanishes and dissolves into a glass of pink liquid sugar. What better place to sink your slot machine jackpot?

Cotton Candy Martini

2 oz. Pinnacle Cotton Candy vodka

1 oz. White cranberry juice

½ oz. Vanilla syrup

Fill a martini glass with cotton candy.

Fill a mixer with ice and pour vodka, cranberry juice and syrup over it.

Shake, and then pour over the pouff of cotton candy. Abracadabra—the cotton candy will vanish before your very eyes.

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