You may not immediately think of cocktails when you think of Disneyland. But there is a seriously refreshing one at Uva, the über hip place to stop for a drink in Downtown Disneyland. Here you will find really good appies like corn arepas, seared corn cakes topped with pulled pork, mojo sauce and cilantro, a trendy décor—and the lovely Blueberry Vojito.

For weary parents on their way back from a day at the park, it’s just about the perfect thing.

Uva mixologists use vodka instead of rum to render a super-refreshing twist on the traditional mojito.

The choice of blueberries is seasonal; mixologist and bar manager Krisian Newquist explains that the cocktail can be made with blackberries or another seasonal berry (that’s why it’s called the Berry Vojito on the menu).

“It’s very refreshing, very light,” Newquist says. “It’s just nice and bright and summery.”

His technique involves fresh, organic agave nectar and fresh-squeezed lime juice. When muddling the fruit and mint leaves, you want to just release the flavour, not pulverize the fruit. And that’s probably the only tricky thing in this recipe.

Blueberry Vojito

½ oz. fresh agave nectar

½ oz. fresh-squeezed lime juice

5-6 blueberries

5-6 mint leaves

2 oz. Absolute vodka

Ice cubes

2 oz. soda water

In a glass, muddle together the agave nectar, lime juice, blueberries and mint leaves. Add vodka and shake with ice. Drop it back in the rough (no straining) and top with soda water. Garnish with a sprig of mint.