How to Have the Most Canadian Day Ever in Winnipeg

Visit the Royal Canadian Mint, eat perogies, tour The Forks National Historic Site and attend a summer festival.

The Forks Market, photo by Nino Marcutti/Alamy

Morning: Royal Canadian Mint

Is there anything more Canadian than a loonie? Every Canadian coin in circulation is produced in Winnipeg. On a tour of the Royal Canadian Mint, you’ll learn how they’re made and distributed across the country.

Lunch: The Forks Market

Next, avoid “what’s for lunch” arguments by dining at The Forks Market, where multiple food kiosks showcase Canada’s culinary diversity. Dishes include borscht and cabbage rolls at Baba’s Tall Grass Pantry. (Don’t miss the blueberry dessert perogies.)

Afternoon: The Forks National Historic Site

For those with short attention spans, the 6,000 Years in 60 Minutes tour at The Forks National Historic Site gives an overview of the region’s six millennia of human history.

Evening: Summer festival entertainment

End your day with dance, music or theatre performances at one of Winnipeg’s many summer festivals, such as the Winnipeg Folk Festival (July 6 to 9), the Winnipeg Fringe Festival (July 19 to 30) or Folklorama (Aug. 6 to 19).



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