How to Have the Most Canadian Day Ever in Quebec City

Tour historic fortifications, eat poutine and go bar-hopping on the Grande Allée.

Fortifications of Quebec/Shutterstock

Morning: Fortifications of Quebec

Report to Dufferin Terrace promptly at 10 a.m. for your tour of the Fortifications of Quebec. While merely decorative now, the 4.6 kilometres of walls were built for defensive purposes, and your guide will explain the complex history that accompanies them.

Lunch: Poutine at Le Chic Shack

Le Chic Shack‘s pièce de résistance is five takes on poutine, from la classique (local cheese, house sauce and fresh herbs) to la masala, an Indian-inspired affair with tamarind chutney, hot peppers and cilantro.

Afternoon: Musée des Ursulines

At the Musée des Ursulines, learn about the local Ursuline nuns, who were the first female teachers of girls in North America. Artifacts include the expected—musical instruments and historical documents—as well as evidence of advanced scientific education.

Evening: Grande Allée

End your day with some bar-hopping on the Grande Allée. Popular stops include L’Atelier for cocktails and tartars, and Le Maurice Nightclub as well as Dagobert for its busy dance floors.



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