Best Burgers

A really great burger is a beautiful thing, and you’re guaranteed to find one here.

Charcut Roast House, Calgary 

Try the epic Share Burger, made as big as you want it (minimum 9 oz.) with house-ground garlic sausage patty, cheese curds and a fried egg, served alongside Parmesan fries.

Comme Ça, Las Vegas 

The New York Times called this the “consummate” burger. It’s made with tartare-grade beef and spare fixings, so nothing gets in the way of the flavour of the meat. 

Tyler’s Burgers, Palm Springs

This hamburger stand, located right in the heart of downtown Palm Springs, has a select menu, but the no-frills burgers are juicy perfection. And the signature coleslaw is a must-try. 

Bin 4 Burger Lounge, Victoria 

Gourmet burgers made with local ingredients. Try the Breakfast Club: Fraser Valley pork and chorizo, fried egg, bacon, five-year cheddar, house-made guacamole and roasted garlic aioli. 

Best Small Plates

Once considered mere starters to a meal, appetizers—tapas, antipasti, finger foods and other small bites—have become the new entrees. And it’s all about shareability at these great spots.

East is East, Vancouver 

Order multiple Eastern tapas dishes to share with friends at this lively restaurant, but be sure to try the Alu Gobi (cauliflower and potato in tomato coconut sauce), Kabuli Pulao (lamb kebabs) and Boulani (traditional Afghan roti stuffed with veggies).

Candela, Calgary

With a lovely room and fantastic cocktails, Candela offers a vast menu of globally inspired small plates, where you can get a little taste of everything from Asia to Latin America. The chicken tacos with yellow curry and mango chutney are a favourite.

Segovia Tapas Bar and Restaurant, Winnipeg 

This Osborne Village gem showcases Spanish flavours on small plates perfect for sharing among large groups of friends. Must try: the salt cod fritters.

Bar Buca, Toronto 

Serving an exciting variety of shareable plates, this all-day Italian snack bar is one of Toronto’s newest darlings, and it’s easy to see why. Try the bruschetta with duck yolk and wild mushrooms.

Le Comptoir charcuteries et vins, Montreal

The small plates here are surprisingly inexpensive and best enjoyed if you’re just a party of two. The menu changes regularly, but, if they’re on the list, try the beet salad, the roasted cauliflower or the braised octopus dishes.

micro bar • bites, Kelowna 

A spin-off of chef Rodney Butters’ popular RauDZ Regional Table restaurant, micro is a teeny, inviting space where it’s all about the tapas, bar snacks and small bites. Don’t even try to resist the popcorn with duck fat, rosemary and sea salt.

Best Brunch

Ask a handful of foodies to name the best brunch spots in their city and the debate might go on forever. It all depends on what you’re looking for. But if what you’re looking for is something laid-back and fun, social and boozy or just really special, we’ve got three options for you. 

Sotto 13, New York City 

Brunch-friendly tapas, pizzas and a “DIY Prosecco Bar” where you can add liqueurs, garnishes and purées to your cocktail—the perfect ingredients for a leisurely weekend afternoon with friends. 

The Breakwater, Kingfisher Oceanside Resort & Spa, Comox, B.C. 

Mornings don’t get better than sitting on the patio overlooking Baynes Sound while feasting on brioche French toast with house-made sour cherry preserves and local bacon.

Best Food Trucks

With so many food trucks rolling on the streets these days, it’s near impossible to choose our faves. But here are a few that stand out.

Hungry’s Good Food, Anguilla 

You can’t beat fresh seafood from a truck, prepared by two of the best chefs on the island, Irad Gumbs and Alphonso Hodge.

Flapjack’s Pancake Shack, Ottawa

Permanently parked in Ottawa’s Glebe neighbourhood, Flapjack’s Pancake Shack serves perfect, fluffy pancakes in a variety of sweet and savoury ways. We’re partial to the breakfast panwich: bacon, egg and cheese between two buttermilk pancakes.

Guanaco, Vancouver

Unique, authentic and very popular, Guanaco serves up utterly delicious Salvadorian food. Try the chicken or pork pupusas (stuffed corn tortillas) served with yucca fries.

Coolhaus, NYC/LA/Austin/Dallas

This ultra-creative ice cream-sandwich truck offers delectable cookie choices like chocolate chip with a salty hit of potato chip crumbs, and ice cream flavours like brown butter candied bacon or olive oil rosemary. And you can mix and match your cookies and ice cream as you please.

Best Pizza

Four places that every pizza lover should try.

North of Brooklyn Pizzeria, Toronto

It’s hard to find New York-style “white pizza” (i.e. pizza with no tomato sauce) in Toronto, but tiny North of Brooklyn does it to perfection. Thin crust topped with mozzarella, creamy garlic ricotta and arugula, sold by the slice or pie. 

L&B Spumoni Gardens, New York City 

This family-owned spot in Bensonhurst makes a delicious Sicilian pie with a pillowy dough layer and light sprinkling of mozzarella that is then topped with a generous helping of tangy tomato sauce and sprinkled with a Pecorino Romano/Parmesan cheese blend. Authentic Italian. 

Bistro West, Carlsbad, Calif.

Located just outside of San Diego, Carlsbad’s Bistro West serves pizzas featuring made-from-scratch dough and sauces and toppings from its own three-acre farm that come together in a stone hearth oven. Try the pear, gorgonzola and prosciutto pizza for something different.

Best Desserts

Always save room for dessert.

Gingerbread Haus Bakery, Halifax 

Unassuming and old-school European, the Gingerbread Haus bakes an apple strudel that will have you going back for seconds. 

Bob’s Coffee & Doughnuts, Los Angeles

“The best doughnut I’ve ever had” is a common refrain from customers at this modest shop, located in L.A.’s Original Farmers Market. Classic favourites include the honey wheat glazed, the apple fritter and the bear claw. 

Norman Love Confections, Fort Myers 

The chocolate produced here (the home base for all Norman Love Confections) is swoon-worthy. Stop in for a cup of jalapeno-spiked hot dark chocolate, a hot-fudge gelato sundae or exquisitely handcrafted truffles. 

purebread, Whistler, B.C.

Try the lemon-lavender loaf, the salted caramel bar, the “Adults Only” cookies with dark chocolate, rosemary and sea salt and anything else that grabs your eye—everything in this local favourite is irresistible.