Are you brave enough for CN Tower’s EdgeWalk?

Walk outside at 356 metres above ground


Last summer’s opening of EdgeWalk at the CN Tower in Toronto, Ont., was a hit so big, it landed right out of the park and 356 metres (that’s 116 storeys) up. The handrail-free walk atop the CN Tower instantly gave the 36-year-old landmark its mojo back. For $175 plus tax, you can slip into a red walk suit and harness, clip into an overhead rail system above the landmark and tiptoe out onto the 1.5-metre-wide platform. And as if walking above skyscrapers wasn’t thrilling enough, sadistic guides conduct heart attack-inducing drills like “toes over Toronto” where you lurch over the edge, face-forward, or try hands-free leanbacks that make the 90-minute experience seem like an eternity. In a good way. Feel free to fast-forward the complimentary DVD, anyway. The seasonal experience ends in October.

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