Anthony Bourdain’s Fave Foodie Neighbourhoods

The former chef shares his favourite ethnic eats in New York City 


New York City is home to almost every ethnicity in the world, which means you’ll not only encounter an array of interesting cultures, but also cuisines. So where should you go to sample the best of the Big Apple’s global culinary scene? We asked chef turned TV superstar Anthony Bourdain, a native New Yorker who has travelled all over the world sampling and savouring regional fare, to name his favourite NYC ’hoods for authentic global eats.  

The Bronx 

“The Gun Hill/Boston Road intersection in the Bronx is ground zero for Jamaican food. I don’t have a particular place, but wander freely and eat. There’s good curried goat, oxtail and ackee and saltfish.” 

Koreatown, Manhattan, 32nd Street

“You can sort of disappear into Korea here. Bonchon does Korean fried chicken that’s amazing, Madangsui does great Korean barbecue and Seoul Garden does great stews, soups and casseroles.” 

Flushing, Queens

“This neighbourhood is a wonderland—you could pretty much spend the rest of your life eating regional Chinese around Flushing. And Golden Mall is a must [for its] noodle places and snack places like Xi’an Famous Foods, Zhu’s Snacks, Chengdu Heavenly Plenty Snacks—it’s the gift that keeps on giving.” 

The West Side, Manhattan

“There’s this mini Spanish Basque thing going on here. In order to do tapas right, you need to be in a tapas neighbourhood. Spaniards don’t go out, sit down and eat tapas. They go to a bar, they have a glass of wine, they have a few tapas in one place, then they go to another place that specializes in slightly different tapas, and then on to another one. Now that there are a small number of these places [on the West Side], there is actually the possibility of doing a poteo, a tapas crawl. Txikito and

El Quinto Pino are terrific.

Lower East Side/Midtown, Manhattan

“There’s a great Japanese scene here. For yakitori (skewered chicken) or izakaya-style food, I love Yakitori Totto and Yakitori Torishin. These are places like you would find in Tokyo.”

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