It’s food truck season, and we are so ready to start roaming Canadian streets looking for these foodie havens. We could have probably come up with 100 favourite trucks for this list but spared you and narrowed it down to some of our ultimate must-tries.

Dispatch, Montreal

Sometimes you just need a coffee break and that’s where Dispatch, Montreal’s first mobile espresso truck, comes in. This café on wheels has a full coffee menu as well as delicious cold brew, perfect for the summer months. You’ll also find a selection of sweet and salty treats thanks to a partnership with local bakers and chefs.

Drift, Edmonton

The duo behind this Edmonton truck travelled the world extensively to taste a variety of street foods and then returned home to combine these flavours into their menu of sandwiches. For those who can’t get enough, you can take a little bit of Drift home with you by purchasing the truck’s homemade ketchup or signature spice.

Gorilla Cheese, Hamilton

Gorilla Cheese perfectly combines two of our great loves: grilled cheese and food trucks. We have a feeling you’ll feel the same way when you sample some of its cheesy offerings. The cheese is from Jensen Cheese in Simcoe, Ont. and the bread is from Cake & Loaf in Hamilton. The menu varies daily but the O.G. (Original Gorilla) and Lumberjack are solid choices.

The Kaboom Box, Vancouver

The Kaboom Box is focused on fresh, sustainable and local ingredients and uses only Ocean Wise seafood. The “World-Famous Hot-Smoked Salmon Sandwich” can’t be missed, with local, wild-caught salmon, spicy mayo and a house-made maple mustard slaw. Or go for the BC Poutine with real Quebec cheese curds and a house-made miso-mushroom vegetarian gravy.

Naaco Truck, Calgary

This food truck is where Indian and Mexican cuisine meet to create the most amazing tacos. A naaco is basically a taco combined with naan bread that is then stuffed with things like chicken, beef or spicy chickpeas and smothered with delightful hybrid sauces like coconut and chipotle. This is a Calgary foodie favourite.

Nomad Gourmet, Halifax

Nomad Gourmet serves up fresh food, made on-the-spot in the truck. A lot of the food is also locally sourced coming from nearby retailers. As the name suggests, you will find gourmet burgers and burritos and comfort foods like a chicken and waffle sandwich served with apple slaw on a Belgian waffle.

Red Fish Blue Fish, Victoria

Ok, so this one isn’t technically a truck but it’s definitely street food and too good not to mention. Red Fish Blue Fish is putting its unique spin on the classic fish ‘n’ chip truck out of an upcycled cargo container situated in Victoria’s inner harbour. Choose from halibut, salmon or cod for your fish and chips or try a fish-based sandwich or fish “tacone”—a Japanese hand-roll style taco.

Ziggy Peelgood’s, St. John’s

Some of the best fries you can find on the Rock, Ziggy’s has been dealing in French fries since 1986. These fries are good enough to eat on their own or in the classic poutine but the adventurous won’t be disappointed by combinations like the Mex-Zig-An—salsa, sour cream, diced jalapenos and cheese.