5 Places To Try Jamaican Coffee

Where to get a taste of Blue Mountain coffee 


Café Blue

Halfway up the main road between Kingston and the heart of the mountains, this small spot clings to the side of a switchback and serves local brew and sandwiches.

The Gap Café

The coffee is great (ground and brewed on site) and so is the food, but the views are the best thing here, overlooking Kingston and surrounding valleys from 4,200 feet.

Hotel Mockingbird Hill

This charming spot near Port Antonio serves Blue Mountain coffee as well as traditional Jamaican chocolate tea sourced from a nearby village.

Rafjam’s Bed and Breakfast, Tiki Bar and Grill

This family-run B&B near Irish Town has a restaurant that serves up Jamaican favourites and offers both chairs and hammocks as seating options.

Whitfield Hall

It’s not easy to reach, but for those hiking the main trail to Blue Mountain Peak, this off-the-grid spot at the 4,200-foot mark offers great home cooking.