Nothing says summertime quite like the distinctive combination of graham crackers, toasted marshmallows and melted chocolate. But the delight that is the s’more is no longer relegated to the fireside. Pastry chefs and mixologists across North America are cooking (and stirring) up delicious and innovative takes on this summer-camp classic with results that are every bit as tasty as we remember. 

Catalano Restaurant & Cicchetti Bar, Victoria

Created by mixologist Solomon Seigel, the S’mores Cocktail at the Magnolia Hotel & Spa’s Catalano is a smooth blend of Ballantine’s Scotch Whisky, house-made crème de cacao, Domaine de Canton ginger liqueur and chocolate bitters. Topped with brûléed orgeat foam and garnished with a graham cracker, this is an irresistible adults-only take on the classic. $12. 

Crumbs Bake Shop, New York City and Los Angeles

Consisting of lush chocolate cake (complete with a layer of graham cracker crust) filled with marshmallow cream and topped with vanilla buttercream, chocolate bar pieces, mini marshmallows, crushed graham cracker and chocolate drizzle, Crumbs Bake Shop’s Ultimate S’mores cupcake is an indulgence worth every calorie-laden bite. US$4.50. 

Jelly Modern Doughnuts, Calgary and Toronto

Jelly Modern, consistently ranked one of the best doughnut shops in North America, offers a delectable interpretation of the s’more that sees its classic dough dipped in milk chocolate ganache, topped with a house-made marshmallow, lightly toasted for that intensity of flavour, and then dusted with graham crumbs. $2.75 each. 

Miette, San Francisco

If you can imagine eating a little piece of heaven, you have a pretty good idea of what Miette’s fluffy Vanilla Marshmallows taste like. Though they don’t make actual s’mores at this bakeshop, these melt-in-your-mouth confections have the same depth of flavour you get from roasted marshmallows, without ever meeting a blowtorch. US$6 for a bag of six.