3 best new workouts in New York City

Workouts for the healthy traveller



257 Illustration by Anne Smith.

Moksha Yoga NYC

Rejuvenate at this hot yoga studio recently opened by Montreal expats. You practise in 40 C rooms and the series is an awesome cardiovascular and strengthening workout. It also calms your mind, detoxifies your body and facilitates various other yogic miracles. Although advanced Moksha Flow classes are available, the pace isn’t out of control.

DISCLAIMER It’s addictive!

BONUS Hot bodies everywhere.

DO IT TO Cleanse, lose weight, strengthen and find inner peace.


256 Illustration by Anne Smith.

New York School of Burlesque

Bump, grind and shimmy your way to fit at this Thursday night dance class with 1940s flair. Taught by Headmistress Jo “Boobs” Weldon, Flirting with Burlesque is a fun intro to burlesque moves and attitude.

DISCLAIMER Sorry gents, ladies only.

BONUS Tassels are fun.

DO IT TO Dance, play, tone, feel sexy and develop body awareness.  


258 Illustration by Anne Smith.

Trapeze Loft

Ever wanted to run away and join the circus? This Brooklyn circus school’s classes include private and group beginner trapeze classes for anyone ready to fly.

DISCLAIMER Trust issues? Trapeze may not be for you.

BONUS Tell your friends you’re now a swinger.

DO IT TO Improve coordination, strength, grace and agility.

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