24 Hours on US$24 in Honolulu

We challenged a panel of tight-fisted (but high-living) islanders to create a day’s worth of fun for (almost free).




Cost: $1.50

Fuel up with the carb-packed local favourite, Spam musubi— rice, canned ham and seaweed (available from most convenience stores).


Cost: Free

Hike up Diamond Head Crater for stunning views of Honolulu and its verdant, craggy surroundings (enter off Diamond Head Road between Makapuu Avenue and 18th Avenue).


Cost: $8.70

Join the workday crowd for a Hawaii-style plate lunch and coffee at the President Obama-approved Rainbow Drive-In (3308 Kanaina Ave.; 808-737-0177; rainbowdrivein.com).


Cost: Free

Stroll, swim or snooze on Waikiki Beach. Be sure to bring some suntan lotion.

Early Evening

Cost: Free

Walk in gratis and watch Kanoe Miller hula dance at House Without a Key (Halekulani Hotel, 2199 Kalia Rd.; 808-923-2311;halekulani.com).


Cost: $7.75

Finish off the day with a steaming bowl of ramen at Waikiki’s Ezogiku noodle café (2146 Kalakaua Ave.; 808-926-8616).


Cost: Free

Don’t buy a ticket to a Waikiki Shell concert—hear the music for free outside while strolling Waikiki’s Kapiolani Park (3902 Paki Ave., Honolulu).

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